Short Films

The lift to heaven

Film about disco polo, a type of dance music which originated in rural areas of Poland.
Though considered tacky by many people, it is becoming popular in Warsaw.


Warsaw seen with the eyes of a foreigner. An American woman lives on the socialist-era housing estate and figures out the way to be happy in Poland.

Commuters. The story of one train

Story about a group of friends, who commute together to work in Warsaw, Poland. About 500 thousand people commute every day to Polish capital.

Recycling of Souls

Ekon Association in Warsaw is a recycling plant that provides jobs for people with learning difficulties or mental health issues; who would otherwise find it difficult to get work. When you're often excluded from society work is 'A pleasure'.


Wika Szmit is 74 years old and a pensioner. Three times a week she runs discos at the Bolek club in Warsaw.

Call Centre

The best call centre consultants are like doctors - they look beneath the skin of client to determine the best way to sell him a product.
Over 200 thousand Poles work in 1500 call centres in Poland. Call centres get commissions from companies that do not want to have their own hotlines. One employee of call center can sometimes work for several client companies, switching from one to another between the calls. They sell mobile phone services,FCMG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) such as cosmetics, provide hotline, or vindication of debt.